Stage1 Long Patch-Waterproof Anti-adhesion Wound Dressing(Sterile)

Made of polyurethane foam and polyurethane waterproof film, the Stage1 Waterproof Anti-Adherence Wound Dressing can be used directly after caesarean section to absorb wound exudate.

  Waterproof        Superabsorption

 Anti-adhesion      High retention rate

  • Composition  PU foam, PU Film, medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive, release paper
  • Indications  All kinds of medical cosmetology, surgical operations, general trauma, cuts, initial pressure sores, mild exudate wounds.
  • MOHW-MD-(I)-No.006772

For wound healing after breast surgery

TAICEND has successfully developed a 3-Stage series of postoperative

wound care solutions for breast surgery.

In the first stage, the Soothing Wound Patch will help closing the wound as the same time that will allow tissue fluid to be drained smoothly. The Sothing Wound Patch (soft type), and a dressing that can fully cover the location of the surgery regardless of the size of the wound.

In the second stage, TAICEND recommends the Flower-Shapped Patch, ideal for wounds on breasts and areolas. The Flower-Shaped Patch and the square patch that can be used after all sorts of minimally invasive surgeries, and a long-shaped patch that can be used to cover larger areas of postoperative wounds.

The third and last stage is covered by the Beauty Patch, a postoperative dressings designed and created to close wound while preventing scar hyperplasia.



Waterproof and anti-bacterial

The outer layer of TAICEND’s wound dressing has been designed with a waterproof film to allow patients to take a bath after giving birth, providing them with comfort during wound healing time, preventing bacteria from entering into the lesion and providing the most complete protection to the area.

Super absorption and high retention rate

The patented PU material enhances absorption, completely absorbs the wound exudate in the dressing, and avoids re-exudation and infection of the wound.


The three-layer structure does not adheres to the wound surrounding area, providing patients with a pain-free removal of the material.


The texture of the dressing is soft and skin-friendly, so that it feels comfortable when in contact with the skin, and makes the wound feel less painful.



Upper Release Paper

It can maintain the quality of the colloid and will not deteriorate due to long-term storage.

Medical PU foam

High absorbency, non-rewet, non-sticky, the foam swells after absorbing the exudate, and closes the wound .

Medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive 

Long-term use will not cause allergies

Medical PU film

Waterproof and breathable, soft and comfortable

Lower Release Paper

Film carrier, easy to tear without any problem.


Product Certification

FormatProduct NumberInner layer: foamOuter layer: waterproof film
Square Patch P2-005-01-Y3x3 cm5x5 cm 
Long Patch P2-003-01-Y3x8 cm6x12 cm
Long Patch P2-002-01-Y  3x12 cm6x16 cm

When to use

  • The recommended replacement time is 1-2 days. The amount of exudate just after the operation is large, so it is recommended to replace it every day for the first two days.
  • The amount of exudate can be observed by the degree of wound healing. When the wound is healed well and there is no exudate, the dressing for the next stage can be changed.
  • The outer layer of Stage1 is made of waterproof film, which can be used for showering, light yoga or other sports. Try to avoid strenuous exercise or a lot of sweating, such as swimming or bathing in hot springs.
  • If you sweat after a lot of exercise, change the dressing immediately to prevent the dressing from losing its stickness.


  • If the patient has a story of skin-related illness or diabetes, the wound healing process will show a slower process than normal.
  • Please make sure that there is no wound exudate prior to switch from the Stage1 Waterproof Anti-Adhesion Wound Dressing phase into the second stage of the treatment.