Stage2 Surgical Long Patch-Surgical Hydrogel Patch(Sterile)

Made of polyurethane gel and polyurethane waterproof film, it can be used only 2-6 weeks after caesarean sectionwithout exudate.

  • Composition  PU gel, PU Film, medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive, release paper
  • Indications  All kinds of medical cosmetology or general surgery, etc., hypotonic fluid wound care.
  • MOHW-MD-(I)-No.006711

For wound healing after breast surgery

TAICEND has successfully developed a 3-Stage series of postoperative

wound care solutions for breast surgery.

In the first stage, the Soothing Wound Patch will help closing the wound as the same time that will allow tissue fluid to be drained smoothly. The Sothing Wound Patch (soft type), and a dressing that can fully cover the location of the surgery regardless of the size of the wound.

In the second stage, TAICEND recommends the Flower-Shapped Patch, ideal for wounds on breasts and areolas. The Flower-Shaped Patch and the square patch that can be used after all sorts of minimally invasive surgeries, and a long-shaped patch that can be used to cover larger areas of postoperative wounds.

The third and last stage is covered by the Beauty Patch, a postoperative dressings designed and created to close wound while preventing scar hyperplasia.



Provide strength to stabilize the wound

The patch high-ductility material stabilizes the wound to prevent the unwanted displacement of the care treatments when the body moves, responsible for secondary damage to the skin and production of scars.

Wound closure

The structure design if the material uses the reaction force to prevent postoperative wounds from being stretched, preventing the formation of scars.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

The patch is made of moisturizing and hypoallergenic materials to make postoperative care easier and more comfortable for women as it can be placed in a wound for a long time without causing allergies or uncomfortable skin reactions.


Completely attached to the skin surface, the patch provides a very good healing environment for the postoperative wound and protects it at all times.