Soothing Wound Patch(Soft type)

 The Soothing Wound Patch possess characteristics of self-adhesiveness, softness and comfort, and maintains proper moisture at all times. It provides moderate self-adhesive force and pulling force, keeping the wound moist while closing it, providing a good healing environment,reduces the risk of infection, and the outer layer is a comfortable non-woven fabric for increased comfort.

Can be used right after surgery

Is ideal for Wound Closure

Has an exclusive hole design, to drained postoperative exudate directly.

Provides gentle tearing without pain

Is hypoallergenic, comfortable, breathable

Is skin-friendly

  • Composition CMC、EVA、High elasticity non-woven fabric、HA
  • Indications   Superficial wounds, small wounds and wounds with low exudate. Such as the healing stage wounds after surgical suture of superficial wounds and low exudate liquids by laser medical aesthetics or other medical art styles.
  • MOHW-MD-(I)-No.008980

For wound healing after breast surgery

TAICEND has successfully developed a 3-Stage series of postoperative

wound care solutions for breast surgery.

In the first stage, the Soothing Wound Patch will help closing the wound as the same time that will allow tissue fluid to be drained smoothly. The Soothing Wound Patch, and a dressing that can fully cover the location of the surgery regardless of the size of the wound.

In the second stage, TAICEND recommends the Flower-Shapped Patch, ideal for wounds on breasts and areolas. The Flower-Shaped Patch and the square patch that can be used after all sorts of minimally invasive surgeries, and a long-shaped patch that can be used to cover larger areas of postoperative wounds.

The third and last stage is covered by the Beauty Patch, a postoperative dressings designed and created to close wound while preventing scar hyperplasia.



Wound closure

Ideal to be used after surgery, giving the strength to help closing the wound immediately.

Exclusive hole design, postoperative exudate can be drained directly

Created by minimally invasive surgery, the exclusive design of the hole allows the wound  exudate to flow out directly from the hole, allowing the wound to heal better.

Gentle tearing without pain

When removing, the patch does not cause pain nor secondary damage to the skin around the wound.

Soft, skin comformable, skin-friendly

The material of the dressing is soft, the texture is good and skin-friendly.




Exclusive hole design



Product Certification

FormatProduct NumberSizePackage

1x3 cm

10 strips/1 piece



1x5 cm

6 strips/1 piece




  1. Please wash your hands and clean the wound with saline.
  2. Use sterile gauze to dry the wound bed and surrounding residual fluid, or after the wound and surrounding skin are naturally dry.
  3. First confirm the size of the wound, take the soothing wound patch out of the sterilization bag packaging and tear off the front release paper.
  4. Tear off the soothing wound patch along the cut line design and stick it to the wound to reduce finger contact with the dressing and align the dressing with the wound. The non-directional design allows you to stick it in any direction.
  5. Lightly press the edge of the soothing wound patch to ensure that it fits tightly with the skin and enhance its adhesive effect.
  6. When removing, use the direction along the hair and try to tear off the patch with a 180° parallel to the wound.
  7. If the wound is too dry and difficult to tear off, please use saline to moisten it along the edge of the product, and then slowly tear off the dressing.