Exhibition- 2022 MedTrade East

2022 MedTrade East

TAICEND TECHNOLOGY intends to target its marketing strategy primarily on the US medical market.  We will participate in the MedTrade East International Medical Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition for the first time on October 24-26 this year. It is the only largest and most popular medical exhibition in the east coast of the United States. For large manufacturers, the exhibition is a great opportunity to find potential customers and rebuild existing client relations. The MedTrade East exhibition focuses on the latest technologies from all over the world and attracts many buyers, in which a long-term cooperative relationship with buyers can be established.

A new generation of material technology that redefines the old concept of wound care

TAICEND TECHNOLOGY will display a series of wound healing products, not only presenting the characteristics of a single product, but also bringing the concept of treatment into the field of wound healing. The TAICEND TECHNOLOGY R&D team has developed a new generation of material technology and redefined the former concept in the field of wound care. This has improved product efficacy and cut the amount of time required for chronic wound healing by nearly half. The company also provides suitable solutions and products tailored for each customer. In addition to reducing the care and economic burden on family members and patients, it also makes it easier for medical staff to handle the wound well, and is a more effective solution for wound healing.

More information: https://www.taicend.com/pu_foam_technology


Master the properties of the material to overcome skin damage

TAICEND TECHNOLOGY also solves material allergy issues that has plagued the medical field. In addition to discussing more effective treatment methods with medical staff, we hope to solve issues that inconvenience patients. One of these issues is the often cited “allergy” problem. The use of wound dressings can cause skin allergies surrounding the wound, and in some cases cause MARSI (Medical Adhesives Related Skin Injuries). To combat this, we use viscose technology and volatilize the organic solvent more completely in the process, reduce the monomer residue of the material, reduce the possibility of sensitization, overcome the damage to the patient's skin, and reduce the hassle of medical staff or patients when they removing dressings.

More information: https://www.taicend.com/product_technology


Fulfill unmet needs in wound healing and find the niche

The wound dressing market is considered a “red ocean” in marketing terms. TAICEND TECHNOLOGY has entered the market with different concepts, using the most advanced material technology to meet the unmet needs of the wound care market. We use selected raw materials and R&D technology to best meet the needs of the public, improving the overall care environment. We also select particular manufacturing processes, allowing patients to use each product of TAICEND TECHNOLOGY for faster wound healing. Thanks to our products, the skin around the wound is free from burden and allergies. TAICEND TECHNOLOGY is committed to its problem-solving based approach and high-principled process.

More infomation: https://www.taicend.com/products

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  • Exhibition time: October 24-26, 2022
  • Venue: Georgia World Congress Center
  • Exhibition address: 285 ANDREW YOUNG INTERNATIONAL BLVD., NE ATLANTA,GEORGIA 30313-1591