Barrier Film

To prevent the fragile skin of babies and the elderly from causing allergies or intertrigo, TAICEND attacks the problem from the root and uses a protective film technology to completely protect the skin by making a layer of isolation. The water-repellent properties can isolate external dirt, including bacteria and other agents that boost alkaline substances that might irritate the skin.

The protective film also adopts a scaling shape, which maintains the dermis properly breathable and moisturized but waterproofed.

Waterproof  Breathable and not stuffy
Isolation and protectionFeeling cool and comfortable


(1)Mosturizing: Contains chamomile & vitamin E.

(2)Natural: The formula is chemical-free.

(3)Protective: Produces a film boosted by silicon-based ingredients.

(4)Full cover: The spraying area is always uniform.



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Medical-grade silicone-based formula that turns into a scale-shaped protective film that keeps the skin moist, fresh, and protected.

Barrier Film material Experiment

MVTR: Steam test after barrier film spraying.

The skin will remain fully insulated but also well-aired.
Excesive moisturizing also damages the skin by hurting it or drying it out.


Waterproof:  Water drip test after barrier film spraying.

Fully waterproof: it isolates dermis from external bacteria and dirt.


Even Spray test:  Smoothness test after barrier film spraying.

By spraying the protective film at a distance of 10-15 cm, cover an area of ​​28cm², which can evenly protect and reduce waste.

Before use

The next day after use

The third day after use

The forth day after use

Before use, there are large areas of redness and swelling, even broken skin inbuttocks, scrotum and inner thighs, all due to diaper rash.

The redness and swelling receded a lot, the broken skin was reduced.

The redness and swelling disappeared completely, the broken skin has healed.

The redness and broken skin fully disappeared.