Alginate Nonwoven

TAICEND Alginate Wound dressing is extracted from natural seaweed, with soft and comfortable texture and high absorption capacity. Its unique fiber structure can improve the strength of the dressing, and it is not easy to disintegrate after absorbing exudate. It can be adhered to the wound and provide a suitable moist environment for the wound.

High absorption                     

Good hemostatic effect 

The material does not rot after being absorbed                                            

Provide moisturizing  environment           


Alginate Nonwaven technology

(1) Biocompatibility

(2) Hydrophilicity

(3) Stability

(4) Biodegradability

(5)Choose the best M/G ratio for seaweed source

(6)Selection of knitting process and parameter adjustment


Alginate structure

Structural magnification

Alginate material experiment

Calcium ion and sodium ion exchange ratestop bleeding faster

TAICEND Alginate has a fast forming speed, which means that the ion exchange is fast 



Gelling ability

It can be completely gelled after absorption, Easy to remove from the wound, not soft

Filling the cavity of the wound
Absorb exudate
Protect nerves and newborn tissue

Wound Bed Clean