Gel Technology

TAICEND has focused on the development of gel technology for many years, and is very optimistic about the application of gel technology in the fields of biomedicine, medical aesthetics, postoperative surgery, and wound repair.

Their specialty comes from the understanding and mastery of the properties of polymer materials. Through the control of their molecular structure, they are bonded to form a covalent bond system and a hydrogen bond system with the expected degree of crosslinking; so far TAICEND can properly distribute the swelling agent, the ratio of the medium to the cross-linking system, adjust the concentration, acidity coefficient (pKa), viscoelasticity, temperature and time of the material reaction, so as to avoid the mutual repulsion of hydrophilicity and lipophilicity caused by phase separation, and their product optimization.

In terms of customer service, TAICEND provides flexibility in customized requirements to achieve appropriate solutions to meet product features and customer needs.

(1) Satisfactory material controllability.

(2) Excellent gel quality, excellent physical properties and mechanical performance.

(3) Excellent biocompatibility and non-toxicity.

(4) Flexible customer service and satisfactory cooperation.


Select monomers with suitable functional groups for the process reaction, adjust the viscoelasticity of the product through the high-shear mixing homogenizer device, and finally complete the product after filling and sealing procedures.