Vision and Mission

  • Vision 

    Your expert partner for wound healing solutions.

  • Brand Spirit

    You Deserve A Better Life

    The founder of TAICEND created the company's name by taking "TAI" which is the first character of the Chinese word of Tai Chi. With this first sound, TAICEND founder hopes that the company will have an upright and uplifting yet soft and strong spirit to convey all of their current and future projects. On the other hand, "CEND" is taken from the part of the word  “Ascending”, such word represents the company’s solid professionalism and innovation capabilities, and also its enthusiasm for continuous progress and growth, for everyone to have a better life.

  • Mission

    TAICEND is committed to convey technology research and product development of wound healing solutions to improve efficacy, medical quality, and shorten treatments by combining innovative materials, biotechnology, and clinical medicine.