TAICEND-Wound Gel(Sterile)

Wound gel is a transparent, viscous, sterile, and amorphous dressing, which can be applied to cover wounds of various shapes and maintain a moist environment for wounds, protect new tissues, and isolate foreign bodies from direct contact with wounds, reducing the risk of infection.

Composition CMC、Sodium Chloride、Water、HA、Complex amino acid

Indications  For any superficial wounds (abrasions, first and second burns, blisters wounds), low to moderate exudate wounds, chronic wounds (open wounds) Ulcers, bedsores, etc.)



Added moisturizing factor

The addition of hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients has excellent water retention capacity and keeps the wound properly moisturized.

Accelerated epithelialization

It can promote and help the wound to accelerate the epithelialization process and promote wound healing.



Activates cells, rebuilds tissues

Complex amino acids, promote collagen production and reconstruction, restore tissue function, and help wound healing.

Create the best healing environment

It provides a good healing environment for the wound and is beneficial to the recovery of the epidermis.


Product certification

FormatProduct NumberProduct Capacity

Use on any superficial wounds (abrasions, first and second burn wounds, blisters wounds), low to moderate exudate wounds, chronic wounds (open ulcers, pressure sores, etc.). When changing the dressing, remove it first for the second layer of dressing, moisten the dressing with normal saline, remove and clean the wound, and replace it again.

How to use?

3-Step Application

  1. Please wash your hands and clean the wound with normal saline, and wait for the wound and surrounding skin to dry naturally.
  2. Open the bottle cap so that the mouth of the bottle does not touch the wound, and the gel is evenly distributed on the wound. The thickness of the covering layer should be of about 5mm.
  3. Cover the wound with a suitable auxiliary dressing as a second dressing.

Recommendations Need to cooperate with the advice of professional doctors

Wound Gel+Foam          Assist granulation hyperplasia and absorption of exudate.


Wound Gel+Wound Patch          Assist wound epithelialization and provide enhanced moisturizing.