TAICEND Wound Debridement Gel is a transparent, viscous, sterile, and amorphous dressing. This product is suitable for medium and low osmotic fluid wounds. It can be properly applied to cover wounds of various shapes to provide and maintain a moist environment for the wound and protect new tissue; the product has high water content, helps the natural removal of black scabs and maintains moist repair of new tissue; Isolate external bacteria from direct contact with the wound and promote wound healing.

Composition CMC、Sodium Chloride、Water

Indications  Cover wounds, such as low to moderate exudate wounds, chronic wounds (open ulcers, pressure sores, etc.).



Good Penetration

No chemical solvents, safe to use, the gel-like formula can completely penetrate the lesion and provide a good healing environment for the wound.

Promote autolytic debridement

Debride the scab or the dirt on the wound, and the human body will break it down, absorb and metabolize it by itself, and match it with high-absorption foam, which can clean the wound environment and achieve effective epithelialization.

Activates macrophages and accelerates healing

Immunomodulation, Activated cells.


Product certification


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Cover wounds, such as: low to moderate exudate wounds, chronic wounds (open ulcers, pressure sores, etc.), it is recommended to use until the debridement site is clean.

  • Please wash your hands and clean the wound with normal saline, and wait for the wound and surrounding skin to dry naturally.
  • Open the bottle cap from afar so that the mouth of the bottle does not touch the wound, apply and distribute the gel evenly on the wound. The thickness of the covering layer should be of about 5mm.
  • Cover the wound with a suitable auxiliary dressing as a second dressing.



Taicend Hydrogel + Wound Patch           Assist the softening of scabs in wounds