TAICEND-Liquid Skin Barrier Film

"TAICEND Liquid Skin Protective Film" is sprayed on the skin to form a skin protective film with breathable, waterproof, quick-drying, safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and other characteristics, which can form fast and effective skin protection and avoid the damage caused by the tape being removed. Skin damage can also be used to isolate skin irritation caused by tape, secretions, feces and urine dirt

Composition  Hexamethyldisiloxane.

Indications  Suitable for skin of adults ,the liquid Skin Barrier Film is a long-term adhesive tape or dressing skin, ideal to protect human skin in contact with feces and urine that might compromise the skin around a wound or a stoma, skin friction at prone, trauma, abrasions, cut and other shallow wounds product Introduction.



Avoid damage related to Medical Adhesives Related Skin Injuries(MARSI)

The use of medical tape on the human skin for a long time may cause irritation, and the glue may remain even when it is removed causing painful peeling and damage of the dermis. The Liquid Skin Barrier Film allows healthcare givers from avoiding glue remover on patients.


Skin protective cover

Spraying on the protective film can isolate the skin from contact with external pollution . The water-repellent formula completes the protection effect.
The spray can be used for skin diseases such as incontinent dermatitis and athlete’s foot. 

Small wound protection

Skin liquid barrier film isolates and protects small wounds from external bacteria and dirt.

Keeps permeability of kinesiology tapes without affecting it's adhesive properties when interacting with medical ointments.

The structure design of polymer materials conforms to the skin-like shape, enhances the degree of adherence, and the surface molecules are very fine, which does not affect the efficacy of the medicine.


Using medical grade silicone, it does not contain chemical solvents and irritating ingredients. The medicine can be applied directly after spraying on the protective film, which is comfortable, safe and non-allergenic. 

Products Structure

Product certification

FormatProduct NumberProduct capacity
-L1-002-01-C70 ml
-L1-002-03-C100 ml

  1. Cleanse the wound with saline solution. Dry the surrounding skin thoroughly.
  2. Open the cap of the BB Barrier Film can spray and apply on the wound or skin from a distance of 10 to 15 cm.
  3. Lightly press the sprayer for 1~2 seconds to spray the liquid on the skin. Wait for about 5-20seconds to form a dry film. Spraying can be repeated 2-3 times to enhance skin protection.
  4. On each spray, try to press the nozzle as far as possible to avoid nozzle clogging.
  5. If it is used for skin folds, it is necessary to separate the folds before spraying, and make sure the skin compromised is completely dry.
  6. If it is used on the skin surrounding deep wounds (pressure ulcers... etc.), the wound should be covered and protected before spraying.