TAICEND-Alginate Wound Dressing(Sterile)

TAICEND Alginate Wound Dressing is extracted from natural seaweed. It has a soft and comfortable texture and high absorption.

Its unique fiber structure increases the strength of the dressing and is not easy to disintegrate after absorbing exudates from a wound. TAICEND Alginate Wound Dressing will form a moist gel protective layer after absorbing wound exudate and blood, which can be worn on the wound, providing a proper moist environment, and assisting in lesion healing and repairing.

  • Composition Alginates
  • Indications  Slight bleeding wounds, acute or chronic wounds with moderate or large amounts of exudate, wounds lacking epithelial tissue, and cavities wounds.
  • MOHW-MD-(I)-009200


High absorption

High absorption, can absorb more than 12 times its own weight in liquid.

Good hemostatic effect

Contains calcium ions, which can activate the blood coagulation mechanism and help the wound stop bleeding.

Suitable for cavity wounds

Does not stick to the wound after absorbing, protects wound tissue for easy removal. Does not cause wound pain.

The material does not rot after being absorbed

Unique fiber structure, not soft after absorption, not broken, can be removed completely.


Provide moisturizing environment

After absorption, it forms a shape, It can make the wound elastic and moisturizing.


Protect nerve endings and reduce pain

Protects nascent granulation tissue, creates a good healing environment makes the wound h eal quickly.


Product certification

FormatProduct NumberSize

10x10 cm


15x15 cm



Follow the instructions and recommendations of professional physicians. Caregivers should first wash their hands or wear clean gloves.

Before use
1. Please clean or remove the hair around the wound to facilitate the dressing to cover or pack the wound.
2. Use regular saline to clean the wound. If the wound is ulcerated, remove the slough and scab first.
3. Use sterile gauze to dry the wound bed and surrounding residual fluid.

General wounds (such as wounds with slight bleeding, wounds with medium or large amounts of exudation, wounds lacking epithelial tissue)
1. Take a piece of wound dressing of suitable size (it is recommended to be larger than the wound area by about 1-2 cm)
2. Remove the alginate wound dressing and apply on the wound.
3. If you need to use more than 2 pieces, the width of the overlapping area of the dressing should be greater than 1 cm.
4. For the outside of the dressing, it is recommended to use a waterproof and breathable dressing to protect the wound and keep it moist, or cover it with        TAICEND wound patch, or use a medical tape or appropriate bandage to fix the dressing.

Cavity wounds (ulcers, bedsores and other cavities wounds)
1. Fold or roll the dressing into the cavity.
2. The outer layer is covered with waterproof and breathable dressing, gauze or TAICEND wound patch, and can be fixed on the outside with tape.

Replace the dressing
1. If the outer covering dressing or fixing tape is used, please remove it first.

General woundsGently lift the dressing up from the four corners to remove from the wound surface.

Cavity wounds   Please use a clip to remove the dressing.

2. If there is colloidal residue on the wound, please use an appropriate amount of saline to remove the residue.
3. When the dressing absorbs enough exudate, please replace it with a new dressing as described above.