TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad- BiPAP Mask (Non-sterile)

The TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad has been thought for medical purposes focused on the a minority of skin pressure at the bone protruding position to reduce the possibility of pressure sores in patients. The upper layer of the pad is made of polyurethane foam for pressure relief providing an effective pressure reduction that can disperse pressure in order to relieve the pressure injury. The lower layer is a skin-friendly polyurethane film: thin and comfortable material in contact with the skin without losing skin permeability.

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  • Indications   The skin pressure relief pad is a device used for medical purposes to reduce skin pressure on bone protrusions to reduce the possibility of patients suffering from decubitus ulcers (bedsores) or pressure sore. This product also provides relief and protection for people with fragile skin who are covered by the skin compressed by medical equipment, such as oxygen masks, non-invasive positive airway pressure, nasal cannula, tracheostomy tube, abdominal drainage tube, or long-term bed rest people.
  • MOHW-MD-(I)-No.005849


Redistribute Pressure

The Pad redistributes the pressure for the pressure not to concentrate on protruding bones, reducing the chance of pressure sores.

Reduce Friction

Reduce friction, protect skin, and absorb 95% of the pressure.

Maintain Permeability

Tha materials of the pad, maintain the breathability of the skin, so that even if the skin is used for a long time, it has proper breathability avoiding allergies, sores, and sore-related infections.


It can be washed with water, and reused after drying in a cool place.



Medical PU gel

It has a soft fit, provides a closed and protected healing environment, is extremely flexible, has good moisture permeability, and provides a comfortable healing environment.

Polyurethane Film

The material is made of skin-like PU film, which makes the skin soft and comfortable under the stress point of pressure, which can reduce friction.

Polyurethane Foam

The unique patented design of polyurethane foam allows the skin to disperse the pressure when the skin is pressed again, without concentrating the stress points, it can redistribute the pressure and reduce facial pressure sores.


Product Certification

ProductProduct NumberFormat

TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad

For BiPAP Mask

R2-002-01-C14.2x12.5 cm

TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad

For Simple O2 Mask


  1. Clean the skin on the surface. After the cleansed part is dry, take out the fixed rope, the pressure relief pad and the rectangular pressure relief pad from the packaging box, remove the transparent release paper of the pressure relief pad, lay it flat, and take out the water drop shape in the middle pressure relief pad
  2. Remove the grid release paper on the sticking part of the imitation skin layer, and place the pressure relief pad on the compressed part of the skin (the film surface faces the skin.)
  3. The tip of the pressure relief pad is aligned with the bridge of the nose to cover the face, the nose is exposed in the empty part, and the triangular attachment in the middle of relief pad can be placed on the forehead.
  4. Gently press the sides of the cheeks, so that the polyurethane gel on both sides of the cheeks can be more fit to the face.
  5. The drop-shaped pressure relief pad can be cut to an appropriate size, and the release paper on the back is removed, placed on the forehead for decompression.
  6. Depending on the situation, the pressure relief pad can be slightly pulled to meet the needs of the patient.
  7. Make sure that all the compressed areas of the patient are covered with decompression pads.
  8. The accessories include a fixed rope and a rectangular pressure relief pad, which can be used according to individual needs.