TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad- Simple O2 Mask (Non-sterile)

TAICEND skin pressure relief pad is based on medical purposes, used to reduce the skin pressure on bony prominences, so as to reduce the possibility of face pressure sores in patients.

  • Composition Polyurethane film, Polyurethane foam、 pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Indications   Used to reduce skin pressure and avoid skin redness or pressure sores caused by external forces.
  • MOHW-MD-(I)-No.008262


Redistribute Pressure

Redistribute the pressure so that the pressure is not concentrated on the protruding bones, reducing the chance of pressure sores.

Soft and comfortable

The material is soft , it is very comfortable to stick on the face, and can be used for a long time.

Maintain Permeability

The materials maintain the breathability of the skin, so that even if the skin is used for a long time, it has proper breathability and reduces allergies.

Unique Design

The decompression pad is designed according to the simple O2 mask, and the protruding part of the bridge of the nose has enhanced design for decompression



PU Foam+PU  Film
It belongs to the decompression layer, which has a super decompression effect and can withstand pressure to achieve skin relief. The pressure injury occurs, and the comfortable material touches the skin, which is light, thin breathability.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
The pressure-sensitive adhesive can be pasted directly on the equipment to fix it, especially on the protruding part of the nose bridge, to strengthen the protection of decompression.


Product Certification

ProductProduct NumberFormat

TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad

For BiPAP Mask

R2-002-01-C14.2x12.5 cm

TAICEND Skin Pressure Relief Pad

For Simple O2 Mask


  1. Clean the surface of the skin. After the cleansed part of the skin is dry, take out the product from the packaging bag, first put the two half- moon and rectangular pressure relief pads in the middle aside, and place the mask pressure relief pad flat on the table.
  2. Confirm the sticking position of the mask, tear off the release paper at the sticking place, align the upper edge of the simple O2 mask with the sticking place of the decompression pad, and press the mask lightly to ensure that the decompression pad fits snugly on the mask.
  3. On the decompression pad at the bone protrusion of the bridge of the nose, use your fingers to lightly press toward the mask to confirm that it sticks to the nose bridge of the mask. 
  4. Hold one end of the green tether attached to the mask itself, pass through the rectangular pressure relief pad in a back and forth manner, and move to the middle, and then pass through a half-moon pressure relief pad from both ends. 
  5. Then pass the green tether from step 4 through the fixing holes on both sides of the mask, and the overall configuration and combination of the TAICEND decompression pad is completed.
  6. Place the combined overall mask on the compressed part of the face, and make sure that the tethers on both sides are adjusted to a moderate degree of tightness.
  7. Pull the green tether back on the neck, place the rectangular pressure relief pad on the neck, and place the half-moon pressure relief pad on the cheek set, and you aredone.