TAICEND Wound Patch(sterile)

TAICEND Wound Patch(Sterile) directly covers the wound, and has the characteristics of water retention, waterproof and breathability, which can provide a good moist healing environment.

TAICEND Wound Patch has the characteristics of soft dressing and non-sticky wound, which can prevent the wound from pulling and causing secondary damage to the lesion. TAICEND Wound Patch can be used on scabs and gangrene tissues to block foreign bodies and reduce the risk of infection.

Composition CMC、EVA、HA、PU film

Indications  Any superficial wounds (such as: abrasions, superficial cuts that do not require sutures, primary and secondary burn wounds, blisters wounds), help skin repair and use. Any scab tissue and gangrene tissue.



Added moisturizing factor

The addition of hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients has excellent water retention capacity and keeps the wound properly moisturized.


It is made of low-allergic materials, and it will not cause skin allergies, redness and swelling after long-time placement.

Hygienic and safe

The special process material design can absorb the exudate without being soft and rotten, and maintain the stiffness of the dressing.




Product structure

Product certification

FormatProduct NumberSizePackage

10x10 cm



15x15 cm



  • Any superficial wounds (such as: abrasions, superficial cuts that do not need sutures, first and second burn wounds, blisters wounds), help skin repair and use.
  • It can be used together with gel dressing. Apply an appropriate amount of gel to superficial wounds or scab tissues and gangrene tissues, and then paste the wound patch. Customizable according to the size of the wound.
  • It is recommended to change it every 1-2 days.
  • This product is for single use, discard it after use, do not reuse it to avoid the risk of wound infection.

  4-Step Application  

  1. Wash your hands and clean the wound thoroughly with regular saline.
  2. Use sterile gauze to dry the wound bed and surrounding residual fluid, or after the wound and surrounding skin are naturally dry, take a piece of wound patch of suitable size (it is recommended to be larger than the wound area by about 1~2 cm), and remove the release paper from the adhesive surface. Align the wound patch with the wound patch to reduce finger contact with the wound patch.
  3. Gently press the edge of the wound patch with your fingers to ensure that it fits tightly with the skin and enhance its adhesive effect.
  4. When removing, follow the hair direction, try to tear off the wound patch at 180° parallel to the wound, lightly press the wound patch with one hand, and gently stretch it out with the other hand to separate the wound patch from the skin surface. If the wound is too dry and difficult to tear off, please use saline to moisten it along the edge of the product, and then slowly tear off the dressing.


Wound Patch Recommendations (Need to cooperate with the advice of professional doctors) 

Hydrgel+Wound Patch       Assist the softening of scabs in wounds


Wound Gel+Wound Patch          Assist wound epithelialization and provide enhanced moisturizing.