The future and change start from us

With innovative ambitions and cross-field integration capabilities, we hope that breakthrough innovations in the medical industry will all have a contribution to us.

The present and future world is the age of participation, the age of globalization, and the age of creativity. TAICEND was founded to uphold a selfless attitude, let the right people give full play to their advantages, provide a stage for employees to play, and create outstanding team value.

The best job not only gives you benefits and treatment, but also allows you to have a stage to grow up, and also to give back to the society and create a meaningful life.

The best choice is TAICEND

Choosing a company means choosing a concept you agree with. TAICEND has always focused on solving medical problems, helping patients heal their wounds quickly and reducing pain. If you agree with this concept, welcome to join us.

Please email your resume to the person in charge of the management department Nancy, email: