Spray Filling Technology

The process development history of spray filling technology has a long history, including: electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and people's livelihood.

The TAICEND team is familiar with the properties of polymer materials and is good at using atomization technology to improve the surface properties of small molecular clusters to achieve convenient, fast, simple and effective purposes.

Through years of accumulated experience and several technical tests, TAICEND has mastered the use of valve to control the flow rate, distinguish the number of holes and the distribution of the pore size, and match the spray shape and atomization angle suitable for small molecular groups to achieve the appropriate product characteristics and customer needs’ solutions.

(1) Easy to use, fast film forming speed, simple operation and good separation effect.

(2) It can provide propellant gas matching for different specifications. (For example: liquefied petroleum gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, etc.)

(3) The selection of materials and the matching of spray filling equipment can effectively avoid the elimination of adverse factors such as cross-contamination and mutual reaction.

(4) The entire set of sprinkler irrigation technology has good interface stability, ensuring the safe operation of personnel, materials and the environment.


The polymer material is added in proportion, poured under pressure, and then sealed for subsequent propellant gas replenishment, and finally tested for safety and functionality. After the accessories are installed, it is the finished product.