TAICEND Medical Tube Decompression Pad (Non-sterile)

This product uses medical-grade polyurethane foam, which is moderately elastic. It can be applied to places where various medical tube is in contact with the skin, reducing the friction and pressure caused by the tube on the skin, avoiding skin redness, swelling and pressure sores. There is a nylon fixing part on the decompression foam to place the tube, which is easy to use and does not need to be fixed with tape. The outer layer of the product is supplemented with a polyurethane film to enhance the stability and water resistance of the pressure relief pad.

  • Composition Polyurethane foam、 Nylon、 Polyurethane film、 Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Indications  It is suitable for all kinds of skin decompression oppressed by medical tube.



Prevent facial pressure injuries

The surface in contact with the skin is a decompression foam, which can reduce friction and pressure to prevent facial pressure injuries.


Reduce the direct contact of the tube with the skin

The design of the tube fixing element can stabilize the tube and reduce the chance of the tube and skin contact and friction.


Strengthen the fixation

The outer layer of PU film strengthens the stability of the second layer and reduces the tube falling off due to moving friction. It can also prevent the patient from accidentally pulling and loosening.


Skin friendly and breathability

PU waterproof film design is highly breathable, soft and skin-friendly, and it will not cause allergies if it is attached to the vulnerable parts of the skin.




Fixing elements for medical tube

The special medical tube fixing parts can be elastically expanded and contracted according to the different paths of the tube.

Decompression foam

It has a moderate decompression effect and avoids medical tube rubbing against the skin of the face.

Waterproof film

Breathable and soft, it fits on the face and can be attached to the skin for a long time.


Product Certification

Fixed tube device



Do not use this product on wounds

This product can be used continuously. During the period, there will be differences in usage time due to different personal usage habits. It is recommended to replace it within three days at most.

  1. Select the appropriate product specification according to the skin contact area and the size of the medical tube.
  2. Confirm the tube direction and actual use requirements, and determine the direction and location of the product.
  3. Place the medical tube on the nylon fixing part on the pressure relief pad.
  4. After tearing off the release paper at the bottom of the decompression foam, and the release paper on the adhesive side of the polyurethane film.
  5. With the foam adhesive side facing the skin, fit down, and lightly press the polyurethane film all around to secure.
  6. Then remove the outer release film and smooth it from the inside out to ensure it fits the skin.
  7. When removing, please take out the medical tube first, and gently pull it along the direction of the hair around the film to remove it. If it is not easy to tear off, you can use physiological saline to wet the edge of the product, and then slowly tear it off.