Coating Technology

TAICEND has focused on coating technology for many years. The types of coatings they engage between the range from lipophilic to hydrophilic, high volatility to low volatility, low solid to high solid, covering most of the coating characteristic products, has provided them with considerable experience in the matter.

TAICEND's team is committed to the research and development of polymer materials, such as: polyurethane, silicone, acrylic, and rubber, among many others.

Through the understanding of the behavioral characteristics of polymer materials, TAICEND is familiar with chemical reaction synthesis, and throughout the selection of chemical monomers, the adjustment of the viscosity and elasticity of the formula, the control of thermal reactivity, the matching changes of production coating methods, and the standardization of processing and molding. And then achieve suitable solutions to meet product characteristics and customer needs.

(1) Excellent coating quality and extremely high uniform distribution.

(2) Very low coating defects.

(3) Satisfactory coating efficiency.

(4) Cost-efficient measured coating.

(5) Safe coating operation planning and low occurrence of industrial safety problems.

(6) The environmentally friendly coating system reduces the pollution of air water and waste, and reduces the surrounding load.

The roll of substrate (for example: Non-woven, RP, PP, PET, PVC, PI, Copper foil, etc.) is passed through a coating device to cover the polymer material on the substrate, and then removed by a drying process excess solvent, the final product is the finished product.