Pouring Technology

The process of perfusion technology has a long history of development, including: electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and people's livelihoods.

TAICEND relies its experience on the understanding and mastery of the properties of polymer materials to reasonably allocate and control polyisocyanates and polyols; make polyols and isocyanates (TDI, MDI) have different functional group parameters, and chain extenders (BG). The polyaddition reaction is carried out to form a pre-polymerized polymer material.

TAICEND uses uniquely designed adjustment functions and multi-component group mixing and blending functions, combined with high-precision quality measurement system and XYZ three-axis automatic infusion mechanism, so that their developed polymer materials are quite unique to meet the customer needs and create process value.


(1) Excellent perfusion quality, excellent physical and mechanical properties.

(2) Satisfactory material quality control.

(3) Reliable and accurate, cost-effective, and highly efficient.

(4) The entire set of perfusion technology system has good interface stability, ensuring the safe operation of personnel, materials and the environment.


Place the polyol (Polyol), isocyanate (TDI, MDI), chain extender (BG) and other materials into the multi-component mixing mixer, and use temperature controller and pressure controller to achieve the balance of circulation pressure and discharge pressure To ensure the stability of the operation process of the entire system, the material is put into the mold or placed on the substrate, after the removal process, the final product is the finished product.