TAICEND TECHNOLOGY Co. was established in 2014 at the Southern Science Park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and since, we have pioneered the use of innovative material technology by combining biotechnology and clinical medicine to provide the best solution for wound healing.

TAICEND focuses on researching the turning points of different wound healing methods while developing suitable and innovative materials, bringing safe solutions to clinicians when treating difficult wounds. The company has also put its full efforts in elevating worldwide the concept of wound treatment through the validation of biomedical experimental methods that have brought evidence of clinically-effective results to their wound healing applications.

The TAICEND facilities include their very own factory which has already acquired the quality management system certification ISO-13485 and the GMP certification as well. In addition to their innovative material technology, TAICEND’s core technology also includes professional coating technology, infusion technology, gel filling technology, and spray bottle filling technology.

Such products are key when treating different types of wounds, such as C-Section, baby diaper rashes, chronic wounds (caused by bedsore or diabetic foot), acute wounds, and even respiratory mask decompression solutions. The TAICEND products have obtained TFDA, FDA, CE Mark and other product licenses recognized internationally.

TAICEND Co., brought to life the "TAICEND" brand, based on the hard work, guidance, feedback and advice of Taiwan’s top clinicians, doctors, and hundreds of patients that helped to the research and development and perfection of their final products. 

Currently, the TAICEND products are sold to the global market through ODM sale channels or overseas distributors.

TAICEND hopes to provide safe, simple, effective and comfortable products not only to patients and their family members, but also to the medical staff.