TAICEND’s gel plays an indispensable and important role while assisting wound healing, as it also an important booster for the different healing stages of the wounds.

If the wound is black and the scab needs to be removed, different formulas can be used to make the softening process more effective. When the wound is healing, different ingredients can be added, such as a moisturizing formula to make the wound healing faster and with fewer skin trauma.

The Gel also improves the time course of epithelialization, and also controls its viscosity staying on the wound while exerting a greater effect.


Soften scab  Autolytic debridement Granulation growth 




Gel technology

(1) Soften necrotic tissue

(2) Releases extracellular compounds, enduring moisture

(3) Helps with Epithelialization

(4) Achieves fast wound healing


Gel structure

The gel formula is designed according to the needs of wound healing.


Provide a moisturizing enviroment。

Sodium Chloride

Provide an osmotic pressure environment similar to human cells.


Due to proper viscosity, a good cell scaffold is produced.

Moisturizing factor

Adding moisturizing ingredients to release extracellular compounds, which can moisturize, repair and regenerate the dermis.

Material experiment

Viscosity test

Technology A suitable viscosity:

(1) Easier to attach and stay on the wound while maintaining a moist environment. 

(2) Easy to apply evenly on the wounded area.

Cell Crawling Test

Releases ingredients that help wound healing while promoting cell crawling.

Gel advantages: (1) Help wound epithelialization

                            (2) Good moisturizing environment