Hydrophilic PU Foam

The TAICEND Polyurethane Hydrophilic Foam is an exclusive patented technology. Thanks to its special structure design, the foam does not only absorb a large amount of tissue fluid, but also overcomes the adhesion issue that most healthcare providers are afraid of when using patches that involve wet wound healing. The size, thickness, and absorption capabilities of the foam can also be adjusted to meet the needs of the wound, whether the lesion in question requires the absorption of a large or small amount of tissue fluid, the foam can be adjusted accordingly.

SuperabsorptionHigh rentention rate


   Anti- adhesion Moisturizing 




Hydrophilic PU Foam technology

(1)Hydrophilic (2) Solvent-free (3) Superabsorbent

(4) High-retention rate (5) Thickness or thinness can be adjusted


Molecular structure of foam

High water absorption


From material > Formula > Process > Products → Functional ingredient groups bound to water molecules


Foam material structure (Under the microscope)



Severely adhesion                                   

Use other materials for absorption                           




Use TAICEND foam materials for absorption to keep the wound bed clean



Test ItemRepresentative valueTesting method

1680 g/m-2.24h-1

EN 13726-2


Test ItemRepresentative valueTesting method

900 %

EN 13726-1



Foam advantage: (1) Good absorption: keep wound bed clean

                               (2) Convenient to observe the wound

                               (3) Wound bed clean : prevent wound infection  

Foam advantage:

(1) The surrounding skin is clean and has good absorption, which can absorb a large amount of exudate 

(2) Wound bed clean : prevent wound infection